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Welcome To CombatNet

CombatNet is unlike most other BBS Gaming Networks in that all of the IBBS games are hosted on the CombatNet Server. Furthermore, each of our Member Nodes have their own customized menu and dedicated game directory which, in essence, creates a Virtual IBBS network. This configuration, which we call CBNEASY, is very easy to setup for our members and it also nearly eliminates the common pitfalls associated with IBBS gaming.. ie: Missing In Transit (MIT), mangled, or purposely withheld data packets. Further advantages are that we take care of the maintenance and the admin chores associated with inter-bbs gaming. It's a win-win scenario!

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All Services Online

All CBNET Services are online.
League 411 Games were reset on Apr 1st, 2020.
Next Reset Scheduled for 1 July, 2020.

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